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iHubbs is the newest Outdoor advertising platform to hit the Dublin market.

In a time where Out Of Home advertising is continuing to perform better than other media, things are evolving rapidly. Our population has become increasingly demanding about where and how it is exposed to Outdoor advertising.

Jaded audiences expect to be convinced in real time in order to change their buying behaviour, so brands now need to be in their immediate space for audiences to take notice of brands  - and engage with Call to Action messaging.

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With over 600 iHubb locations dotted across the landscape of Dublin City Centre & Docklands, South Dublin and Co Wicklow - these new on-street advertising hubs and the brands they carry, are difficult to miss.

The launch of these intelligent units are now providing the ideal platform for brands looking to engage with local audiences, and because of their placement in high footfall retail areas, businesses are now able to target consumers right at point of purchase.

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Essentially, iHubbs has started to fill the space that has to date, been difficult for brands to dominate with little or no alternative outdoor advertising locations in such high footfall areas.

In a wider context, they are also providing a seamless network of advertising points for brands that are looking to engage in a more ‘blanket’ coverage, covering all the main ‘hotspots’ across cities and counties.

Commuters will be unable to miss your advertisement right outside their local DART station, or Luas platform. Those commuting by bus will be within 10 metres of your advertising message with our units placed at bus stops.

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For motorists, the N11 Motorway, as well as Dublin’s Rock Road is well serviced with a iHubbs location every few hundred metres, so that those commuting in and out of Dublin each day will be exposed to your message along the main arteries in and out of the city. Our iHubbs locations on every high street means that local shoppers will see your message within minutes of deciding to make a purchase.

This is Dublin’s newest and most innovate Outdoor Advertising platform. It is bringing local retailers and national brands to life for consumers in an organic and intelligent way by existing in their immediate space on a daily basis.

This is iHubbs.

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